The Truth About Abs

by Brad on July 10, 2012

I’ve found a new quick and easy way for you to get those abs you’ve always wanted.

Mike Geary, a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist recently released a new guide on achieving your dream body called The Truth About Abs.

The guide takes you through:

  • Key foods for burning belly fat
  • Excellent cardio and ab workouts
  • Ways to maximize your matabolism
  • “Healthy foods” to avoid
  • Excercise  routines created to build muscle and six pack abs

Mike has divided the guide in two sections. One on diet and supplements vs. natural foods. The other focusing on exercises that burn fat quickly and build abs.

Mike’s Guide could be thought of as an alternative workout method. This is because the traditional way of working out would include exercising the target area, in this case abs. Where in this guide Mike teaches alternative exercises using more than one muscle group at a time, increasing effectiveness of the exercise and decreasing the chance of injury.

Mike is having a limited time offer which includes a few freebies including a DVD “The Five Keys To Guaranteed Fat Loss” and a membership to an exclusive site where you are able to chat with world famous trainer from the Biggest Loser, Kim Lyons and 4 motivational Fast-Fitness audios.

Be sure to check out Mike’s  guide The Truth About Abs, and come back here to comment on your progress.

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Is The tuth about abs any good?

by Brad on July 8, 2012

We’ve all seen the advertisements and television infomercials that peddle fast, easy ways to get rock hard abs. There is no shortage of companies claiming they have the secret to building abs fast and with very little effort. The truth is that well-defined abs aren’t developed with pills, drinks or belts. The fact that so many consumers want to get ripped abs fast generates a lot of money for businesses. It also makes consumers vulnerable to scams, gadgets and gizmos. Until now there were few alternatives.

The Truth About Abs is an innovative ab program designed to get results.  Designed by Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, Mike Geary, The Truth About Abs is the honest source on abdominals and fat loss. It’s been rated the #1d abs program on the internet. Far from being a diet program, The Truth About Abs is a powerful fat-burning, body-building workout plan for both women and men.

Consumers are often discouraged with average, unrealistic, ineffective or boring workout routines. Discouragement usually leads to failure. The Truth About Abs is anything but boring. The most common words used to describe The Truth About Abs in testimonials is unique, fast, varied, intense, motivating, life-changing and successful. This pioneering ab program includes full descriptions and photos of all of the most effective abdominal exercises in existence. Yet, this ab program goes beyond that and more.

So much more than an ab program, The Truth About Abs also addresses ways to increase metabolic weight and how to stimulate fat-burning responses in your body. Included is a generous section detailing a fat-burning, ab-building delicious dietary plan to get readers excited about food again while staying lean for life. The combination of ab workout routines and dietary plans are the two most important aspects of The Truth About Abs and makes this program one of the most successful abdominal fat loss programs available on the internet today.


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10 Foods That Help Burn Belly Fat!

by Brad on June 10, 2012

  1. Oatmeal- Stays in your stomach longer than you’re usual breakfast keeping you satisfied for longer.
  2. Almonds- Instead of you’re rice cake snack pick up a hand full of walnuts. They will keep you full longer without overloading on calories.
  3. Protein Powder- Great to mix with a smoothie. Protein powder helps build muscle and contains amino acids that burn belly fat!
  4. Olive Oil- monounsaturated fats like olive oil will help satisfy cravings and lower cholesterol.
  5. Berries- A tasty snack while still being an excellent source of fiber and anti-oxidants.
  6. Eggs- containing vitamin B12, help metabolize fat.
  7. Beans and Legumes- Filled with protein and fiber are a great choice to tone up and lose weight.
  8. Lean Meat- Your body burns calories digesting protein. Turkey is an excellent choice of lean meat.
  9. Avocados- Also containing filling fiber are great for fighting hunger.
  10. Iced Tea- A great source of antioxidants especially green tea. Antioxidants help speed metabolism assisting fat burning.